Byzadino Hotel Arta

Telephone: (+30) 26810 52205 -10Fax: (+30) 26810 52116

In the relaxed and friendly rooms of our hotel you
can spend a pleasant break from your daily routine.

Breakfast with pure organic products

Our touristic unit, in order to enable our Customers to meet and enjoy the abundant gastronomic richness of our country, the Mediterranean Diet, offers local breakfasts and organic products.

At our breakfast you will find:

  • Tea, Chamomile, Sage, Mint
  • Olive and olive oil of the area
  • Trachana, Flower honey, Goat milk and sheep milk, Slice of barrel, Anthotirum, Cow Gravy, Kefalotyri, Kefalograviera, Gatotyri, Yoghurt from Metsovo, Strained yoghurt, Cow butter
  • Fruit season, Fruit Salads, Tomato Preveza
  • Fishponds, Buttermilk, Cucumber, Balsa, Chicken, Buttermilk, Pumpkin pie
  • Eggs locally boiled, in simple omelet or oven, eyes
  • Gallopotta, Rizogalo
  • Sweet sweets (cherry, walnut, watermelon, quince, citrus, cherry, strawberry)