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Το Γεφύρι της Άρτας

The bridge of Arta

Τhis is the most well-known landmark in the region of Arta. The bridge is famous for its special architecture as well as the legend that surrounds it. At the nearby museum of popular art, visitors can experience samples of the agricultural way of life and the traditional craftsmen.

Βυζαντινές εκκλησίες Άρτας

Byzantine churches

Byzantine churches are a special attraction of the city and the region of Arta, as provide excellent examples of the Byzantine church architecture. The most notable church is Parigoritissa. The dome of this church is of special interest.The monastery complex near to the church features 16 monastery wards that have been preserved throughout the years. It is currently used as a museum of classical antiquities.

Κάστρο της Άρτας


The open area of the castle is used to host musical and theatrical events. The castle itself has undergone several modifications during the period of Turkish occupation .



The Gulf of Amvrakikos is located only a few kilometres away from Arta. An environmentally preserved area, the Amvrakikos Gulf is home to one of the rarest breeds of pelicans as well as other aquatic birds. In the local fish taverns visitors can taste several kinds of fish from the Amvrakikos region and enjoy the amazing view and scenery.



The most impressive mountain range in the region, combining both wild scenery and falling waters. An ideal place for rafting and kayak.

Αγία Θεοδώρα

Agia Theodora

Is the patron saint and protector of the present city of Arta. Perfectly preserved temple, recently renovated, with magnificent frescoes, the cenotaph of the Holy and the silver reliquary. Her memory is honored by crowd also attends procession on 11 March each year.

Άγιος Βασίλειος

Agios Vasilios

It is a decorative piece of art of the 13th century situated in the heart of down town. In the yard of the church functioned a senior Greek school, named Manolakis School, from 1662 since 1821 which was founded from the fur trador Philip Manolakis who was from Kastoria.

Το τζαμί του Φαϊκ πασά στο Ιμαρέτ

Mosque of Faik Pasha at Imaret

Located at Marat (Imaret) on the way to Grammenitsa near the River Araxthos. It is the oldest and best preserved Turkish mosque of many that existed in the region of Arta. Founded in the late of the 15th century, by the first Turkish governor of Arta Faik Pasha. Near the mosque was imarets ie orphanage, whose relics are preserved, and that named the district. Today at the mosque operates Christian church in honor of St. John the Russian.

Αρχαιολογικό μουσείο

Archaeological museum

Located in the triangle beside the River Araxthos and only a short distance from the legendary bridge of Arta. Includes three major sections: the public life, cemeteries and private life of Amvrakia. At the beginning and the end of it are smaller sections of the introduction and the "end of Amvrakia" respectively.

Λαογραφικό μουσείο

Folk museum

Located next to the legendary bridge of Arta. Aims to present the local tradition to its spiritual and economic dimension. Built in 1864 by an Austrian architect, was originally used as an outpost of the bridge and later as the Turkish border.


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  • Το Γεφύρι της Άρτας


    The historic town of Arta with its famous stone bridge and the important Byzantine tradition, a sample of which are Byzantine churches.

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    Situated only 5km away from the historical city of Arta. Our hotel can be found at the crossroads for every route to the West Greece